Rajarshi found a half-eaten apple behind the toaster.

I know that I don't want to be married to you.

Kathryn tried to look like he wasn't afraid.

She is having dinner.

She didn't marry him of her own will.

You should go on a diet.

I had intended to go with Leif.

I was very good.

She gave a diffuse answer.

She assumed an air of indifference.

This still applies to him.

I'm your friend. You can tell me anything.

Monica told me not to talk to Pitawas.

Yumi plays tennis on Sunday.

That must have taken place while I was away.

Hon has no idea where Serdar goes on Monday evenings.

It is cheaper to go by bus.

The pond is too shallow for swimming.

He shot at the bird, but missed it.

I don't think we should go this way.

Randolph took out a pencil and started to write.

We had to let him go.


Doge will never die.

I wonder why that is.

Ofer pleaded not guilty.

I'll never ask you for anything else my whole life.

The movie "Pretty Woman" is one of the all-time classics.

Miltos had a little accident.

One is missing.


Arlene was anxious.


He is a man of noble blood.

I didn't mean that.

Suzan's family is eccentric.

I haven't seen her at all lately.

Have you got a match?

You're lying now, aren't you?

It's a lot safer now.

I am prepared for the worst.

You mustn't carelessly believe the maker's motto.

The wartime Congress had no money.

Geoffrey enjoys reading detective stories.

I'm suspicious of people who don't like dogs, but I trust a dog when it doesn't like a person.

In professional soccer matches, there are only three substitutions allowed per game.


He's really quick.

Just wait a moment.

I know it'll take a while.


Who died?

It doesn't matter to me if you take that book.

It's snowing on the streets.

I'm going to go see them.

"How's the trouble and strife?" is an example of a sentence using Cockney rhyming slang. It means "How's your wife?"


Shirley's death may not have been an accident.


It's because of you that I'm an invalid.


They saw one once.

You should recognize that you're not a scientist.

Roberto told me that you were with him yesterday afternoon.

Would you have another cup of tea?

It's drizzling outside.


This book is not for sale.

Helen carried two boxes into the storage room.

I wonder what Kuldip is up to?

I want a complete report on my desk by 2:30.

Is there something you'd like to do?

You could at least return her calls.

Sanity was in time for his appointment.


I think we can reach some kind of compromise.

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If she were happy, she would play much better.

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Do you still keep in touch with him?


Now you're being paranoid.

English is spoken by about a billion people.

What would happen?

It's an ill wind that blows no good.

Everyone got something for Christmas.

Let's eat first.

You really have an ear for music.


The son is known by his father.

Do not always ride on someone's coat-tail.

The police were inquiring into the suspect's past.

Let's have a drink.

As the plot unfolds, the mystery becomes clearer.


You haven't asked me what I want to do.

We sang in chorus to the piano.

You never believed me.

This bread is hard as a rock.

But it is better to stay at home.

Roger is talking to a customer right now.

Gail discovered two dead bodies in his basement.

We can all do this.

He saved me from danger.

Ti's very different from what I expected.

We will go on a picnic tomorrow.


Starbuck has come to us for help.

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The man is liable to the death penalty.

The road curled around the side of the hill.

She talked a lot.


I have a lot of things I have to do before tomorrow.


I thought it was a lot of fun.

I need to know what the language of origin is.

This is his car, I think.

Please don't listen to him.

Yesterday our village became famous all over the country.

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I'll take some of that.


The pale face troubled me a little.

I thought Clara was exaggerating.

Do you believe in the Great Pumpkin?

She is trying to prove the existence of ghosts.

Tell me exactly what you heard.

I hoped to have met him at the party.

Everybody knows that he lost his leg in the war.

Row after row the potatoes are unearthed and collected with a hoe.

I am clearing my orchard.

I thought I'd left them at home.

The room is rather small.

Vehicle waiting will be prosecuted without warning

The patient will soon recover from his illness.

When I hear this song, I cry.

This young teacher is loved by all of the students.


It was amazingly easy.

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Soohong said he didn't think Page could speak French.


Sometimes I want to break your fingers.

We used to live in London three years ago, then we moved here.

I don't usually work on weekends.

It's raining outside.

Johan isn't interested.

You wouldn't last three weeks.

That made him uncomfortable.

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I'm sorry, I left my homework at home.

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Clifford went back to the table.

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What matters is the way the public perceives you.

His property in the country is very pretty.

He'll go to Ireland.

There are animals here.

The wind was so strong, we were nearly blown off the road.

Malcolm shivered uncontrollably.

Vernon needs to stay close.


If you're really in love, water tastes like expensive wine.

We just don't have a lot of time.

Bad weather forced us to call off the picnic.

Oh geez, I'm not sure, but I think I ate too much.

I'm sure that he'll come on time.

Hal, you're a genius!

Carter washed his hands and face.

She passed the test by the skin of her teeth.

I'm looking forward to your Halloween party.

Those whom he lived with respected him.

I had to book a flight for her.

A mother with a wooden leg and glass eye is coming.

This is the craziest thing I've ever heard.


Whose idea was it?


They're two very different things.

You will soon accustom yourself to the new life.

The sovereign completely recovered from his illness.

What color is Alison's dog?

I get your point, but I still don't agree.

I just did a test and it's a bit slow but working fine.

It could be worth millions.

What you're asking me to do is well above my paygrade.

Take it away.

Sometimes it just happens.

What did you tell Conrad?

The anthropologist says odd customs do persist in the region.

How often does that happen?

My father loved me no less passionately than my mother.

Marla kept silent during dinner.

He kissed me in front of everyone.

There's time.

Jingbai cares very much.

You have to go talk to them.

I don't think it's safe to swim here.

Shall we start studying?