Hello, thanks for checking out my site!

My name is Jacob Holmes, and I am a full stack web developer with a serious passion for code and the sport of disc golf. When I am not on the course, or playing with my kids. I can usually be found hacking away on whatever is currently inspiring me. Please feel free to check out the links I have posted to some of my professional and personnal projects.

I am currently employed as a Web App Developer for Responsive Data. Working for Responsive Data has given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge in several areas of web and mobile app development. Every day I get to work with a small, and talented group of individuals, creating really cool products using modern web technologies and 3rd party API's.

In my spare time, I love playing with new tech that I don't always have the opportunity to use at work. Over the past year, I have spent a lot of my free time learning Angular JS for front end development. Fortunately for me, my passion for Angular has transitioned to the workplace, where I have had the opportunity to implement a few of our most recent projects using Angular.

On the back-end side of things, I have really enjoyed learning and experimenting with Laravel. Most of the applications at work are written against Zend Framework (1 and 2), although I enjoy working with Zend. I find Laravel to be very refreshing and have built a few of my personal projects with it.


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Personal Projects

Disc golf stuff

Putt Keeper is a fun, multi-player putting game. The objective of the game is to make as many putts as possible from various distances around the basket.

Putt Keeper not only keeps track of your overall game scores, it also keeps track of each shot you take. This data is then displayed in the app through various charts. This allows the user to see if they are making progress.

Putt Keeper is currently available on the Android marketplace.

HTML5 Games

This is one of my favorites. I have been working on this PhaserJS game with my 5 year old daughter. She supplies the ideas. I supply the sweat equity! We currently have a level and half complete in the game and have all the major game play functionality implemented.

Users navigate through the world as a Disney princesses of their choosing, avoiding (spacebar) or shooting (ctrl) would be pirate attackers. Pirates turn into flowers when they are hit. Flowers can be collected by the princess to accrue a high score.

What can I say. I got swept up in Doge mania and felt the need to make a click game wheryby the user can attempt to collect $1.00 USD in DogeCoin by clicking on falling doge before they hit the ground.

The user can deploy an inventory of weapons including a freeze cannon (F key) and cannon balls (B key) to help when the Doge are getting out of control.