I encouraged Rainer to stay in college.

Come back here!

She lives in the ghetto.

You are a professor.

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Jean knew that something was on Damone's mind.


That plane makes use of new technology.


Have you ever hugged a stranger?


He sent us his blessing.

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Find out what the problem is.

If I knew her name and address, I could write to her.

It's stormy.

Please call Del and tell him that.

I've got to find out when Bart plans to arrive.


I'm running as fast as I can to run him down.


I'm as disoriented as any of you.

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This melody reminds me of my school days.


Did you have fun with them?

Complimenting is lying.

We can't tell anyone about this.

She may well refuse to speak to you because she's in a very bad mood.

I don't want to see her now.


Ima wrote Alain's name and phone number in his notebook.


I didn't look at him.

No running around.

I thought you understood that.


I did no such thing.


Kees thought Naoto was hiding something from him.

I learned a valuable lesson.

We have no trust in him.

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You have a lot of time.

It's fun.

Television is a very important medium for giving information.

Pierre was wearing a pink blouse with matching miniskirt.

I'm sorry, I don't understand what you're saying.


If you want me to write about Judeo-Christian topics, you have to pay money.

The earthquake in Haiti was a disaster.

Cesar Chavez organized the first successful farm workers union in American history.


Korean food is noted for its spicy flavor.

I need to talk to an expert.

Today it is Friday. Tomorrow it's already the weekend!

This is a dog that resembles a horse.

The bread dough we made in home economics class turned out as salt dough.

How did we get into so much trouble?

My mother is busy planting flowers in the garden.

Roberta and his dog ran across a wheat field.

We'd better go help her.

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Do you like cities?

He lifted the trunk to show off his strength.

There are a lot of good restaurants in Boston.

This car is spacious and practical.

I won't be there.

The lotus has not just a flower but also a fruit.

He is sitting in the front seat.

I found him a genius at chemistry.

You have a lot to learn, my boy.

Making matters worse, she got sick.

I believe in exercising regularly.


Can you come back later?

I miss my old job.

Now we know what happened.

I just did this to make a little money.

Ranjit got better very quickly.

That's a good question.

John is good at chess.

You can't pick who you fall for.

We didn't need her for that.

Let's unearth the garlics.

Skip plays the tambourine.

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December 3 is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

Bernard and Angela went caving.

They are not being careful.

He was visiting his foster mother.

I will mentally return to childhood and do it all over again.

Now I'm nervous.

This is their problem.

He announced that he would come at once and investigate the matter.

He is my close friend.

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Oil often spilled by tankers also adds to water pollution.

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What is your opinion on the Japanese education system?

That's a funny looking car.

Europeans never colonized Ethiopia, but not for lack of trying.

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I didn't understand a single word Po said.

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An ancient manor, probably from the time of the templar knights, is the home to our family, and its outbuildings welcome friends and holiday guests all year round.

Do you want to stop him?

They are weary of their tedious work.

I told you to watch Norbert carefully.

I didn't expect I'd find them.

Please tell Joshua I'll pick him up at the station.

I did it on my own.

Once again, he became a wanderer, and he arrived one day at the house of his older brother.

She might look more attractive with a little make-up.

Scot is becoming more like his father.

Please get Miss Suzuki on the phone.

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Nancy is pretty cool, isn't he?

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The headteacher uses unorthodox methods.

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Did you hire her?


He asked the strawberry-haired girl, who was behind the counter, some questions.

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I don't like this game and I don't want to play it anymore.

We must abolish the death penalty.

Why is Charley in the hospital?

He brought me to school in a car.

This room is very large.

I gave my half to him.

We will visit Mr Smith tomorrow.

At one time, the gratuity couldn't be removed, but in recent years, passengers were allowed to "adjust" it at their discretion.

He comes from a small but wealthy town.


The flowers have all withered.

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Carlos asked me if I was happy and I said I was.

I'm allergic to seafood.

Does Major really want me to leave?

We wanted to help Ram.

Brandy plans to play poker with us tomorrow evening.

I always pay the rent on time.

Glenn wasn't mad at you.

The more excited he got, the less talkative he became.

Can you hold this for me?

I saw Ravindran on TV.

It's easy to find friends; it's harder to keep them.

That's a kind of exploration challenge.

Don't you get lonely here?

Hitler and his allies had won battle after battle.

I didn't mean to get too personal.

Bryan left for Boston yesterday.

We tried to make out the letters written on the wall.

I can't work with him.

To my relief he recovered from his illness.

She massaged his back.

You do nothing but complain! You're not the only one who's having a hard time.

It's going to be huge.

Stay in your room until your father gets back!


Who the hell do you think you're talking to?

I'm in the countryside.

Sugar replaced honey as a sweetener.

Make sure you save everything before you turn it off.

I was young and stupid.


The local police joined forces with the coast guard to try to find any survivors.

Leung is 14 years older than Barbara, and next year he will be twice as old as Mario. How old are they now?

This ancient table is still in use.

Nobody reads long messages.

The train was about to leave the station.


I love this man.

I haven't yet been notified.

Make that book your basis.

I've a lot of work for tomorrow morning.

My friend will be our guide.


He was very worried about having to spend Christmas in the hospital.


Knute said he'd rather not speak French.

Did Hui say anything about his accident?

Vijay left his bed unmade.


He's insecure and has really low self-esteem.

He still did not know what to do.

He's a ladies' man.

Evelyn lived in Boston when he was in college.

Maybe we'll have a talk one of these days.

I recognized one.

Gazpacho is a cold tomato and vegetable soup from Spain.

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I need to get us some help.


Johann forgot to buy a birthday present for Edmond.

These people can't be trusted.

I said I'll get it.


I won't give them to you.