I didn't kill him.

Every once in a while, I take my boyfriend a lunch while he's at work.

Van knew Srinivasan would help him.

He lived to be ninety.

Blayne pulled some gifts out of his bag.

Can I talk to you?

I cycle to work.

This lawn mower runs on petrol.


I have run into a problem that is causing the delay of my payment.

I told you it was going to be hard to do.

The train is made up of fifteen cars.

He came back many years later.

Micheal's mind was elsewhere.

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Among the paintings of Claude Monet is one titled "Lilac Irises" and another called "Iris Mauve."

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He didn't participate in the discussion.

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Generally speaking, college students have more free time than high school students.

Irving is in desperate need of money.

I felt after the switch in the dark.

I don't think it's any of my business.

I appreciate the invitation.

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I first met Kim in Boston.

Catalan is spoken in Andorra.

I never dreamed of there being such a quiet place.


He hugged her while she cried.

He got angry with whoever challenged him.

That is a good place to live.

I'd advise you to let me go.

Are you breaking up with Kevyn?


With respect to these letters, I think the best thing is to burn them.


I wonder why you would say that.

I think it's highly unlikely that Bonnie will write back.

People in the world are always advocating for more freedom and equality.

Kee and Kiki are inside.

Dean can't even sharpen a pencil.


You'll consider this, won't you?

The pride of New York are its museums.

No sailboat is faster than this one.

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Kaj's book tops Christmas sales of books and hardly any book will put it off its game.

Shari loves art more than anything else in the world.

You can't put toothpaste back in the tube.

I look terrible today.

Please clear out this closet.


I don't like iced coffee.

They took away my daughter.

I'll call her tomorrow.

Liber wants to be a famous baseball player.

He's the man of the house.

I have to get him out of here.

I have a strong backhand.


He wore a mask so that no one could recognize him.

I can't follow the course of your argument.

The ground is parched and cracked, the tinder-dry grass crackles underfoot, and rain is desperately needed in our region.

This is a good start.

She was careless with money, so now she's in trouble financially.

I'd like you to show me how to do that.

This threatens to obliterate all the progress we have made over the years.

We tried this before.

He has a reputation for taking a long time to make a decision.

It has only ten streets.

I have no idea where Klaudia went.


Jaime's funeral was three days ago.


Don't play around on your way back home.


He will not agree with us.

He's all bark and no bite.

Takeo is quite a good fellow in his way.

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I want to rent an apartment with two rooms.


You're kidding me, right? That can't be true.


I've been where Gregg is.


You have been spotted.

If he had received her advice, he would have succeeded.

Quitting one's job in a big way is cathartic but is it the right thing to do?


I needed to talk to her.

I'm just about to head off to the station.

You don't have to go there if you don't want to.

Good morning, sir! A merry Christmas to you!

I'll be good to them.

It's a beautiful day here in Boston.

I didn't buy the car.

She usually went to the gym on Thursday.

Surya is on the honor roll.

What do you think he said when I asked him for a favor?

Everybody's smiling.


What platform does the train leave from?

He is seeking employment.

That's not what I'm going to do.


What conclusions did they come to?

I'll make some dinner.

Dirk is living in Boston.

Next year is the devil's joke.

He never fails to make some comment about the way she's dressed.

The old lady fell down and broke her hip.

There was a version of the King James Bible for the original Game Boy.

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Raman has dark, mysterious eyes.

What symptoms do you have?

It was really close.

She doesn't listen.

I was the last one to see him.


In the year 1945 the atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima.

Kids will take a chance - if they don't know, they'll have a go.

You won't have your way with me!

You should have seen what Darryl did.

I'm waiting for them to return.

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Marnix is vain, isn't he?

I'll bring my sister to the party.

Magnus and Gregor are always arguing about money.


When did you first notice that Sjouke was missing?

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He was able to memorize that poem when he was five years old.


That house is much better than his house.

There may have been as many as four different Ice Ages in the past.

We were up front.

Eleven students received the award.

You've worked hard.

They missed a good chance.

Diane told me not to drive so fast.


Lucifer asked me to go to Boston with him next weekend.

Epicure used to write: "I do not fear death. When it is death, I am not, when I am, it is not death."

Swimming is prohibited here.

What did Norman take?

How was your date?

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Now I'm here with you.

I have to admit that that never occurred to me.

We thought that would be enough.

The conductor challenges the interpreter.

I still need to renew my passport.

It must be hard.

Lord says he wants to do the same thing I did in Boston.

Who made the sun?

It was the wrong thing to do.

Dick walked home from school.

Whatever happened to competition?

Hirotoshi never hurt anybody.

Lawrence is going to be here three weeks.

Before Clem became famous, he was a junior high school art teacher.

We watched a bird feed its little ones.

Who are the other guests?

I advise you to go abroad while young.


Angela wouldn't abandon Naim.

It must be the flu.

I caught an awful cold.

He's a wheeler-dealer.

I'm not convinced Brenda is telling the truth.


Werner dashed off a note to Alejandro.

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We know what needs to be done.

Are you anxious?

Kees said that he liked my hair.

I'm too beautiful for this world.

We appreciate his difficulties.

There was a great deal of conjecture as to what would happen.

It was truly an abomination.

Pilar is worried about Bradford.

Do you want to be near him?

I lost a camera the day before that.

We'll try not to get in your way.

They walked down the street singing a song.

Keep your distance.

Rhonda had to wait till Shel got there.

Terry used to be a race car driver.


Joon tried not to think about what he had done.


There were not many doctors in the gold fields.

You should tell me yourself.

Say grace before a meal.

This is the hardest question.

What would this place be without Dan?

Uri was brilliant.

There's a safe in Melinda's office.